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Concrete Leveling Service in Schaumburg

Concrete Hero is here to help Schaumburg residents and business owners with concrete lifting, crack repair, cleaning and sealing services. As a family owned and locally operated business, we love adding value to Schaumburg  properties with our quality concrete repair and protection services.   Concrete Hero has become a popular choice for home owners in the village who are in need of leveling and repairing of their driveway, patio or walkway.

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Why is Concrete Raising & Repair popular in Schaumburg?

The clay rich soils which Schaumburg is built on lends itself to concrete settlement and shifting over time.  Add to that the rapid pace at which the village was built during the 70’s thru the 90’s makes concrete raising and leveling a high demand service in Schaumburg.

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Leveling Concrete vs. Replacement

We decided to add polyurethane concrete raising services (PolyLift) to our service offerings because we knew there was a better way to repair concrete slabs that have sunk due to a failed base. Many of our customers were spending money replacing structurally sound concrete that just needed to be raised. After a year of research, we decided to offer our customers the most effective alternative to replacement. Below are the reasons why concrete raising may be a better choice for repairing sunken concrete.

  • Cheaper: Raising concrete is normally around 50% to 70% less than having it replaced!
  • Faster: Our raising process can be completed in 30-60minutes compared to days with replacement.
  • Easier: No need for permits, inspections, and all the noise, dust and other things that are part of the concrete construction.
  • Greener: If are trying to do your part to minimize your environmental footprint, then raising your concrete rather than replacing it is one way to do it

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