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Level, Repair and Seal Your Concrete With One Call!

We make it easy to repair and protect your concrete. Our Total Concrete Protection Package not only reduces the chance of your concrete from sinking any time soon, it also protects it from serious irreversible damage such as additional cracking, pitting and surface breakdown.

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Why repair

Why Repairing & Protecting Your Concrete is Important

All homeowners know that preventative maintenance is the key to getting the most life and value out of the many systems in their home. This is ever more important with concrete driveways, walkways and patios as well. Replacing concrete comes with a hefty price and major inconvenience. Not to mention the negative impact it has on the environment.

Replacement can be avoided all together with the proper preventative maintenance and repairs such as concrete leveling, joint and crack repair and sealing. We designed our Total Concrete Protection Package as an easy, affordable and effective way for homeowners to restore and  extend the life of their concrete in order to avoid replacement.


The Total Protection Package Process

Step 1. Lift and Level Slabs

Our professional concrete raising heroes will arrive and drill a few small penny sized holes into your sunken concrete sections. Our two-part polymer is carefully injected into each hole, which fills open voids and lifts the slabs back to the original level.

Step 2. Power Wash Concrete

Our 4000psi orbiting power washer will give your concrete a deep clean, removing dirt and mold and opening up the pores of the concrete. We also clean out all debris from joints and cracks. This deep cleaning allows for maximum adhesion of the joint and surface sealants.

Step 3. Crack & Joint Repair

All cracks and gaps, which can allow water to seep below your concrete are carefully sealed with our SuperFlex silicone sealant. Our premium sealant is extremely flexible and not impacted by UV rays making it the longest lasting product available. By stopping water from getting below the concrete the chance of cracking and sinking is greatly reduced.

Step 4. Penetrating Sealer

Finally, a commercial grade penetrating sealer is sprayed on. Our sealer will give your concrete driveway the best protection against the damaging effects of salt and freeze thaw cycles, which can cause chipping, pops and surface breakdown. Your concrete has now been fully saved and protected. Your concrete and pocket book can’t be any happier!

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