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New Concrete Challenges in Northwest Illinois - Concrete Lifting, Leveling, Raising & Coatings | Concrete Hero

New Concrete Challenges in Northwest Illinois

The local business scene has been doing great in the city of St. Charles, Illinois. Plenty of new ones have opened downtown, from chiropractors, restaurants, to nutrition stores. If you want to check them out, the latest ones are listed here for your convenience.

Business has been booming for The Concrete Hero as well! We have taken on concrete challenges for both homeowners and business owners all over Illinois this third week of April. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Luckily, we at The Concrete Hero are always happy to help.

Here are a few of the projects we knocked out for our clients this week.

Raising Garage Floors Up in Batavia

When people have new houses built, they try to take care of as many details as possible so they can have their dream home. Things look perfect at first, but sometimes situations like the one pictured above can happen. Although it might be a little hard to see, if you look closely, you will notice that there is a gap between the trim board and the garage floor. The back of the floor along the wall has sunk about two inches.

Sinking concrete floors like in this client’s garage usually happen because of poor compaction or low-quality base material during the construction process. If left untended, the situation can get even worse. To save our customer from more foundation problems, our two-person crew raised the floor back to where it should be. We also caulked all the cracks to ensure a stable base for this garage. All of this took only two hours, but the garage floor will stay level and crack-free for a long, long time!

Quick and Affordable Concrete Restoration in Buffalo Grove

Our client in Buffalo Grove is moving to greener pastures and is getting her home ready to sell. Buyers usually look for houses they can move into right away. Unfortunately, the walkway and stairs on her property are now sunken due to the natural settling of the ground which can happen over time.

A complete replacement would have cost our client $6000. That option is not only expensive but time-consuming and invasive as well. The Concrete Hero was ready to help with stairs and walkway restoration that would take less time and money, but with quality results. It took our two-person crew only two hours to raise and stabilize the walkway and stairs. We also caulked any cracks so they would look brand new.

Sunken Porch in Geneva Needed Saving

Compared to the previous projects, you can notice how sunken our client’s porch is! If you don’t want yours to sink like this, you need to make sure that your concrete has a stable base with proper reinforcement. Had our client not contacted us, this sunken porch would have led to major foundation issues. Water would always be directed towards the home. Plus, it’s a huge trip hazard to anyone walking on the porch!

We know we tripped a few times while working on this one. That’s how bad it was. But our crew fixed it right away by raising the porch, including sections of the front walk. We then sealed the joint well, making the porch safe to walk on again. It was a super low-cost repair, all in an hour, that saved our client from spending $5000-8000 on a replacement.

Making This Patio in South Elgin Look Brand New

Patios are usually great places to relax and enjoy a good conversation with family and friends. This patio wasn’t much fun to spend time on because of how unlevel it was. The sections marked with “x” in the picture above were sloping and sinking towards our client’s home.

A patio replacement would have cost our client thousands of dollars, with a process that would take a week or more. Good thing our service is affordable and only takes a few hours! All our two-person crew had to do was to inject the concrete with good old polyurethane and caulk any cracks. The patio is now back to its correct level and protected from possible settling caused by water intrusion.

Amazing Patio Transformation in St. Charles

This project has to be our favorite one for this week because of the stark contrast between the before and after photos. Looking at the pictures, you might even think that the after photo was taken at a different location!

Our client had just purchased this house. They were pretty happy about their new home, except for one problem – the patio. Half of the patio near the home sloped downwards, creating a very high step. Although the cracking is understandable considering that the house is more than three decades old, the patio did not have a control joint (usually a groove in the concrete). If it had one, the cracks would have been more uniform and hard to notice.


A transformation as big as this took our crew only two days. On the first day, we raised all the slabs back to the correct level and power-washed the surface. Our guys then caulked all the cracks with commercial-grade silicone on the second day to prevent trip hazards.

Our client was thrilled with this low-cost patio repair, and you can see why from the picture below.

Do you have a concrete porch, patio, or walkway in your home or business that needs our help? You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on a complete replacement with our restoration services. Call us today, so Concrete Hero can come and save the day.

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