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Concrete Transformations This Fourth Week of April - Concrete Lifting, Leveling, Raising & Coatings | Concrete Hero

Concrete Transformations This Fourth Week of April

Spring is the season of new beginnings when the earth comes to life again. This season definitely would not be complete without gardens brimming with vegetables, perennials, and other flora. Just like how blooms pop up during springtime, plant sales are appearing all over Illinois as well. Here’s a list of plant sales you might want to check out if you have spring fever.

Heading into spring, we at Concrete Hero have worked our magic to help patios, walkways, and other concrete structures “bloom” in their own special way. Our team has been productive all over Illinois. We prepared a list of the projects we got to work on this week to show you what has kept us busy. Read on to learn more!

Saving This Home in Schaumburg From Flooding

Basements make great storage rooms, laundry rooms, and maintenance rooms. But they should not be full of water unless you have an underground swimming pool! This homeowner was concerned about water getting into his basement because of how his patio tilted towards his home. When it rains, the tilt would cause water to gather towards his basement, which is a huge safety hazard. Plus, the cracked sections were an eyesore that put people at risk of tripping. This is a big no-no for any home, especially if the patio is where you entertain guests.

Getting this patio completely replaced would have cost around $6000-7000 with other companies. But as you all know, the team at Concrete Hero have our methods! By sealing the cracks and raising the unlevel sections, we put an end to our client’s water problems. Their patio now looks good as new!

Raising Concrete for a Smoother Drive in Buffalo Grove

There are enough speed bumps on the road, and you definitely don’t one right in front of your garage. Pulling into a garage shouldn’t be difficult, but this homeowner had to deal with a large bump in their driveway every time. Their driveway had settled along the perimeter of the foundation because of the passage of time, which is inevitable.

Although we at Concrete Hero can’t turn back time, we have our own powers – concrete transformations! We removed the slabs and injected polyurethane foam to raise and level the concrete, keeping it from sinking for years to come. In just two hours, the slabs were back where they should be and our client can now drive with ease into their garage. With the lifetime warranty we provide, they will have the peace of mind knowing their concrete won’t settle again.

Rejuvenating a Walkway and Stairs in Mount Prospect

As we age, we get our fair share of fine lines, but that isn’t something a good wrinkle cream can’t fix! This property in Mount Prospect didn’t age so well. After 50 to 60 years of people walking over it, cracks have now appeared in the walkway. The first step was raised at about one to two inches as well, which is quite the trip hazard.

They called in our crew, and we worked on it right away. In under an hour, our team of two removed the patching from an old temporary fix, as well as caulked all the cracks. Our satisfied customer’s concrete now has another 50 years of life thanks to our own anti-aging serum – polyurethane!

From Unlevel Zero to Concrete Hero in Arlington Heights

This property looks like it has a really sweet outdoor pool. Wait a minute, that’s supposed to be their patio!

Here’s another unlevel patio we were delighted to work with. It was pitched towards our client’s home, causing water to pool by the home and sweep into the basement. With all the memories our client made on this patio (as well as how expensive replacing it would be), it is very much worth the saving.

Our team removed the caulk around the whole patio and raised all the slabs to their proper level and pitch. We then sealed all the cracks and joints with silicone caulk. Although our client had to say goodbye to their makeshift “pool”, they now have their lovely patio back as shown in the pictures below.

Are you tired of dealing with water pooling up on your sunken concrete? Do you want to get rid of any safety hazards caused by cracks? You don’t have to deal with those any longer, because our concrete raising and restoration services are the quick and affordable fix you need. Get in touch with us and we will solve your concrete problems right away.

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